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HL7 v2.x MLLP ACK Message Responder/Tester

Endpoint: mllp://
Log viewer:

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This is a free development tool for testing HL7 v2.x messages over Minimum Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP). The endpoint uses Apache Camel with HAPI HL7 and MLLP libraries to send an ACK response message to any incoming messages in HL7 v2.x format.

  • In order to support all versions of HL7 v2 only the HAPI base library is used to provide the default ACK response message.
  • For this reason if your message is malformed and can not be parsed you will not receive any response because the server has no way of determining which version of HL7 you are trying to send and therefore can not construct the ACK. In this case you can check the log or try some other tools to ensue your message can be parsed.
  • For reference the Camel route looks something like this:
      .log("Received message OK")
      .log("Unmarshalled OK")
      .log("Validated with messageConforms() OK")
      .log("Transformed with ack(AA) OK")
  • Maven dependencies:

Please reach out with any questions or suggestions or if you need help with anything HL7 or MLLP related.