Open Source Airtable Alternative

Whitebrick is a lightweight No Code Database with 3 points of difference:

  1. The front end uses a Gatsby static Jamstack for dead easy customization and deployment.
  2. The back end is a set of Serverless functions for making DDL calls to PostgreSQL and configuring Hasura GraphQL server.
  3. The PostgreSQL database schemas can be accessed directly with psql for data import/export and integrations with other tools.

Rather than reinventing the wheel Whitebrick stitches together the best-in-breed open source apps

Update Jan 2022

We're working to get our Beta release stable

  • DDL Table & Column CRUD
  • Live editing with subscription
  • Table-level RBAC
  • Joins
  • Background process queue
  • Background process UI
  • UI styling and themes
  • Psql reader/writer access
  • Validations
  • Bucket file download columns
  • Column-level RBAC

Whitebrick was originally designed in a research setting as a flexible Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Read more about our motivation in this Medium blog post.

For more information please visit our Discord, GitHub discussions or send us an email: