HIPAA Compliant Custom Software Development

in Healthcare IT - New York City

We have developed custom software solutions for MedGEO, Integrative Emergency Services and Parsli Health to name a few.

A typical engagement includes the following steps:

  1. We coordinate a minimal discovery and write up a high level design document
    • 8-40 hours depending on complexity, charged by the hour
  2. If necessary, we code up a working proof of concept to test the design/hypothesis
    • 8-40 hours depending on complexity, charged by the hour
  3. Then either:
    • You take the design document and send it out to agencies for quotes. If necessary we can work with your preferred agency/team to provide guidance.
      • Any time we spend working with your agency/team will be charged by the hour
    • Or we work directly with our partner agency Ekohe and they present a proposal and quote
      • Becasue we work regularly with Ekohe there is no charge for our time

We've been working with Ekohe for over 3 years - they have offices in New York City, Vancouver, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. In addition to egineering, Ekohe have in-house UI, UX and Product Strategy capability. They can sign a BAA, develop high quality code and have the capacity to move quickly.

If you would like to find out more please don't hesitate to get in touch.